Greetings and Phrases in Hindi Language

Some of the everyday phrases and greetings in Hindi language with its pronunciation and English.

(1) Hindi- सुप्रभातम
Hindi pronunciation- Suprabhaatam
English- Good morning

(2) Hindi- शुभ-संध्या
Hindi pronunciation- Shubh-sandhyaa
English- Good evening

(3) Hindi- शुभ-मध्याहन
Hindi pronunciation- Shubh-madhyaahan
English- Good afternoon

(4) Hindi- नमस्ते
Hindi pronunciation- Namaste
English- Hello/Goodbye

(5) Hindi- नमस्कार
Hindi pronunciation- Namaskar
English- Hello/Goodbye

(6) Hindi- कृपया/मेहरबानी करके
Hindi pronunciation- Kripayaa/ Meharbaani karake
English- Please

(7) Hindi- धन्यवाद /शुक्रिया
Hindi pronunciation- Dhanyavaad /Shukriyaa
English- Thank you

(8) Hindi- बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद
Hindi pronunciation- Bahut bahut dhanyavaad
English- Thank you very much

(9) Hindi-जी, नहीं
Hindi pronunciation- Ji, nahin
English- No/not

(10) Hindi- जी, हा
Hindi pronunciation- Ji, ha
English- Yes

(11) Hindi- अच्छा !
Hindi pronunciation- Achchhaa !
English- Good!/Awesome!/Well!

(12) Hindi- आप कैसे है ? (for male)
Hindi pronunciation- Aap kaise hai?
English- How are you?

(13) Hindi- आप कैसी है? (for female)
Hindi pronunciation- Aap kaisee hai?
English- How are you ?

(14) Hindi- मैं ठीक हूँ ,धन्यवाद
Hindi pronunciation- Main theeka hoon, Dhanyavaad.
English- I'm fine, Thank you.

(15) Hindi- आप से मिल के खुशी हुई
Hindi pronunciatin- Aap se mila ke khushee huee.
English- It is nice to meet you.

(16) Hindi- आप से मिल के अच्छा लगा
Hindi pronunciation- Aap se mila ke achchhaa lagaa
English- I felt good meeting you.

(17) Hindi- आप से मिलकर खुशी हुई
Hindi pronunciation- Aap se milakar khushee huee
English- It was nice to meet you.

(18) Hindi- मुझे भी आप से मिलकर बहुत खुशी हुई
Hindi pronunciation- Mujhe bhee aap se milakar bahut
khushee huee.
English- It was nice to meet you too.

(19)Hindi- ठीक है !
Hindi pronunciation- Theeka hai!
English- Okay!

(20)Hindi- फिर मिलेंगे
Hindi pronunciation- Phir milenge
English- See you again.

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nillo said...

wow ... i found these greetings very very helpful for communicating with my Hindi friends .. i hope that in the future we will be able to here them as well in order to pronounce them well.... but for now that's what am really looking for,,,
bahut bahut Shukriyaa Uvrashi ...and ill wait for your next lesson ..Naila