Indian Famous Cities Names -3 in Hindi Language

1.Haridwar-हरिद्वार (State-Uttaranchal)
Haridwar is famous holy place of Hindus.

2.Jamshedpur-जमशेदपुर  (State-Jharkhand)
Jamshedpur is famous for Tata iron and Steel Company.

3.Jharia-झरिया (State-Jharkhand)
Jharia is known for coal mines.

4.Kandla-कंडला (State-Gujarat)
Kandla is a famous port.

5.Konark-कोणार्क (State-Orissa)
Konark is known for Black Pagoda(Sun Temple)

6.Kulu-कुलु (State-Himachal Pradesh)
Kulu is known for fruits and blankets.

7.Khajuraho-खजुराहो (State-Madhya Pradesh)
Khajuraho is famous for Mahadeva Temples.

8.Kedarnath-केदारनाथ (State-Uttarchal)
Kedarnath is sacred place of Hindus.

9.Kolar-कोलार (State-Karnataka)
Kolar is known for Gold mining centre.

10.Koyali-कोयली (State-Gujarat)
Koyali is famous for Oil Refinery. 

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