Indian Famous Cities Names-1 in Hindi Language

1.Amritsar-अमृतसर ( State-Punjab)
 Amritsar is known for the famous Golden temple of the

2.Agra-आग्रा ( State-U.P.)
Agra is famous for Taj Mahal.

3.Anand-आणंद (State-Gujarat)
Anand is famous for dairy products.

4.Ahmedabad-अहमदाबाद (State-Gujarat)
Ahmedabad is situated on river Sabarmati and is noted for cotton manufacture.

5.Amarnath-अमरनाथ (State-Jammu &Kashmir)
Amarnath is famous pilgrim centre of the Hindus.

6.Badrinath-बद्रीनाथ (State-Uttaranchal)
Badrinath is Hindu's pilgrimage place.

7.Bokaro-बोकारो (State-Jharkhand)
Bokaro is famous for steel industry.

8.Barauni-बरौनी (State-Bihar)
Barauni is famous for oil refinery.

9.Bhopal-भोपाल (State-Madhya pradesh)
Bhopal is capital of the state and famous for Heavy
Electricals Ltd.

10.Bodh Gaya -बोध गया (State-Bihar)
Bodh Gaya  is pilgrimage place for Buddhists.Buddha got enlightenment under Mahabodhi tree here.

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