Basic Conversation in English

Urvashi- Do you speak English?
Student- Only a little, and not very well.
Urvashi- Do you know many words?
Student- No, I don't. Only the important words.

Urvashi- Does your father speak English?
Student- Well, he speaks a little English.
Urvashi- Do your  brothers speak English ?
Student- Yes, they do. They speak it very well.

Urvashi- Can I help you?
Student- Yes, I speak only Russian.
Urvashi- I'm sorry, but I don't understand Russian.
Student- Please find someone who speaks Russian.

Urvashi- What's the matter?
Student- I don't speak English.
Urvashi- Do you need some kind of help?
Student- Yes, but I can't explain it in English.

Urvashi- Do you think English is easy?
Student- No. I don't.
Urvashi- Why don't you think so?
Student- Because I don't understand it.

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