Indian Famous Cities Names in Hindi Language - 6

1.Porbandar-पोरबंदर (State-Gujarat)
Porbandar is a birth place of Mahatma Gandhi.

2.Pradeep-प्रदीप (State-Orissa)
Pradeep is a major port on the Orissa Coast.

3.Raniganj-रानिगंज (State-West Bengal)
Raniganj is famous for coal mines.

4.Renukot-रेनुकोट (State-Uttaranchal)
Renukot is famous for Aluminium Factory.

5.Rishikesh-ऋषिकेश (State-Uttaranchal)
Rishikesh is a famous pilgrimage place.

6.Rameshwaram-रामेश्वरम (State-Tamil Nadu)
Rameshwaram is a sacred place of the Hindus.

7.Roorkee-रूरकी (State-Uttaranchal)
Roorkee is famous for Engineering University.

8.Rourkela-रोउरकेला (State-Orissa)
Rourkela is famous for steel plant built with German assistance.

9.Ranchi-रांची (State-Jharkhand)
Ranchi is a town from where Indian cricket team captain MahendraSinh Dhoni belongs and  known for Indian Lac Research Station.

10.Sabarmati-साबरमती (State-Gujarat)
Sabarmati is famous for Mahatma Gandhi's Ashram.

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