Indian Famous Cities Names in Hindi Language - 5

1.Mussoorie-मसूरी  (State-Uttaranchal)
Mussoorie is a famous  hill station and Lal Bahadur National Academy of Public Administration  is located here

2.Mahabaleshwar-महाबलेश्वर  (State-Maharastra)
Mahabaleshwar is a famous hill station.

3.Nangal-नांगल (State-Punjab)
Nangal is famous for Bhakra Nangal Project and Fertilisers Factory.

4.Nalanda-नालंदा (State-Bihar)
Nalanda is famous for ancient university.

5.Narora-नरोरा (State-Uttar Pradesh)
Narora is famous for Nuclear Power Station.

6.Neyveli-नेय्वेलि (State-Tamil Nadu)
Neyveli is Known for Lignite Factory.

7.Pimpri-पिंपरी (State-Maharashtra)
Pimpri is famous for Penicillin Factory.

8.Panna-पन्ना (State-Madhya Pradesh)
Panna is famous for Diamond mines.

9.Perambur-पेराम्बुर (State-Tamil Nadu)
Perambur is famous for Integral Coach Factory.

10.Puri-पुरी (State-Orissa)
Puri is famous for Jagnnath Temple.

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