Conversation-Talking to a Boy

Guest-What is your name?

John-John Sharma.

Guest-What do you do?

John-I study uncle.

Guest-In which class do you study?


Guest-In which school do you study?

John-International School.

Guest-How long have you been studying in this school?

John-For the last two years.

Guest-How far is the school from your house?

John-Nearly two miles and a half.

Guest-When does your school open?

John-At ten in the morning.

Guest-When do you start from your home?

John-I do not go on foot.

Guest-Do you go by bus?

John-Yes, uncle.

Guest-How many students are there in your school?

John-About nine hundred.

Guest-Who is your Principal?


Guest-Which subject do you like most?

John-I like Science best of all subjects.

Guest-What is your favourite game?

John-Cricket, uncle.

Guest-What is your hobby?

John-Net surfing.

Guest-Good boy John! May you live long!

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