Conversation-Husband and Wife

Wife-Are you not going to your office today?

Husband-Why should I not? What's the time?

Wife-Get up.It's half past seven.

Husband-Oh! Half past seven.

Wife-Make haste otherwise you will miss your bus.

Husband-Right.Who's in the bath?

Wife-Jack is there.

Husband-Hurry up, Jack, I am getting late.

Wife-By the time Jack has his bath , you may brush your teeth.

Husband-Oh, yes.Where's the tooth paste?

Wife-At the wash basin.

Jack-(Coming out of the bath) get in, Papa.

Father-Well, Jack, shine my shoes quickly.

Jack-Papa, one lace is torn.

Father-Go quickly and get a lace from the nearby shop.

Wife-Hurry up Jack, lest your papa should be late.(To her husband) you are careless about yourself.

Husband-Don't bother me. Listen ! My shirt is to be ironed.

Wife-I am in the kitchen. If I leave cooking, you will be late.

Husband-I know it, but I can't help.

Wife-You will not be embarassed like this if you do things in good time instead of rushing at the eleventh hour.

Husband-You are right. Where's my tiffin box.

Wife-O.K. You better take your breakfast, I shall pack your tiffinbox.

Husband-Wonderful. There are still some minutes left. Let me iron my shirt.

Wife-Leave it, wear the other one. I have kept it ready.

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