Conversation- Talking to a Girl

Question-What is your name?

Answer-My name is Urvashi.

Question-How old are you?

Answer-I am fifteen years old.

Question-In which class do you study?

Answer-I study in tenth class.

Question-Are you a science or arts student?

Answer-I am a science student.

Question-What is your father?

Answer-My father is an administrative officer.

Question-What is your mother?

Answer-She is a doctor.

Question-How many brothers have you?

Answer-I have two brothers. They are all elder to me.

Question-How many sisters are you?

Answer-We are two sisters.

Question-When do you play?

Answer-I play in the evening.

Question-Where do you play?

Answer-I play in the playground.

Question-Do you have any fast friend too?

Answer-Yes, Katrina is my fast friend.

Question-Do you love your family?

Answer-Yes, I do. And love my society too.

Question-Whom do you love the  most?

Answer-I love my motherland the most.

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