Green Chutney Recipe-Quick and Easy

Preparation time-10 Minutes
Quantity-1 Cup
Ingredients-1 Cup chopped mint leaves
                  2 Cup chopped corriander leaves
                  1 big slice of onion
                  Juice of 1 lemon
                  5 Green chillies
                  1 tablespoon sugar
                  Salt according to taste or 1/2 teaspoon
Method-1.Mix mint leaves, corriander leaves, onion,
                 green chillies and sugar.
              2.Add 1/2 small cup water.
              3.Make paste in mixture.
              4.Add lemon juice and salt.
              5.Chutney is ready for to serve.
              6.Keep it in freeze temperature. We can use it for fifteen
Note-Green Chutney is used for making sandwich and eat with spicy foods and namkeens.

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