Recipe of Red Chutney (Chatanee)

Preparation time-30 Minutes
Quantity-2 Small bowl
Ingredients-8 Tomatoes
                  1 Teaspoon bishopweed seed
                  1 Tablespoon garlic paste
                  1 Teaspoon red chilies powder
                  1 Teaspoon sugar
                  2 Teaspoon oil
                  1 Pinch asafoetida
                  Salt according to taste or 2/3 teaspoon
Method-1.Keep tomatoes in boiled water for 15
              2.Take out rind of tomatoes.
              3.Blend tomatoes in blender.
              4.Heat oil in a pan, add bishopweed seeds and
                 fry them  for 30 seconds.
              5.Add tomatoes pulp, red chillies powder,
                 sugar and salt in pan.
              6.Boiled them for 20 minutes.
              7.Chatanee is ready for serve.
Note-Red Chatanee is eat with bread, sandwich and
         spicy foods.               

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