Kinds of Sentences.

1.Assertive Sentences-
These sentences state a fact, describe things or report events.They are also called Declarative sentences or statements. An assertive sentence can be of three kinds.
  • Affirmative- John wrote a letter.
  • Negative-  John did not write a letter.
  • Emphatic- John did write a letter.
2. Interrogative Sentences-
Sentences which inquire about something are called Interrogative sentences. Such Sentences take a question mark(?) at their end.
for example- Did the teacher punish him?

3.Imperative Sentences-
Sentences which express some command , request, advice, etc., are called Imperative sentences. The subject (You) is ordinarily not used  in such sentences.
for example-Bring a glass of water , please.

4.Exclamatory sentences-
Sentences which express some sudden feeling (such  as pleasure , anger , or surprise) about something which has been said or done , are called Exclamatory sentences. Such sentences or expressions take a mark of exclamation (!) at their end.
For example-Hurrah! we have won.

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