List of 3 Forms of Verbs - 2

Present tense-  Past tense-  Past participle

Eat-  Ate-  Eaten
Fall-  Fell-  Fallen
Feed-  Fed-  Fed
Feel-  Felt-  Felt
Fight-  Fought-  Fought
Find-  Found-  Found
Fling-  Flung-  Flung
Fly-  Flew-  Flown
Forbear-  Forbore-  Forborne
Forget-  Forgot-  Forgotten
Forsake-  Forsook-  Forsaken
Freeze-  Froze-  Frozen
Get-  Got-  Got
Give-  Gave-  Given
Go-  Went-  Gone
Grave-  Graved-  Graven
Grind-  Ground-  Ground
Grow-  Grew-  Grown
Hang-  Hung, Hanged-  Hung, Hanged
Have-  Had-  Had
Hear-  Heard-  Heard
Hew-  Hewed-  Hewed, Hewn
Hide-  Hid-  Hid, Hidden
Hold-  Held-  Held
Hurt-  Hurt-  Hurt
Is-  Was-  Been

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