List of 3 Forms of Verbs - 1

Present Tense -Past Tense -Past Participle

Am-  Was-  Been
Are-  Were-  Been                  
Arise-  Arose-  Arisen
Awake-  Awoke-  Awoken
Bear (bring forth) -  Bore-  Born
Bear (carry) -  Bore-  Borne
Beat-  Beat-  Beat,beaten
Become-  Became-  Become
Begin-  Began-  Begun
Behold-  Beheld-  Beheld
Bend-  Bent-  Bent
Bid-  Bade, bid-  Bidden,bid
Bind-  Bound-  Bound
Bite-  Bit-  Bitten
Blow-  Blew-  Blown
Break-  Broke-  Broken
Bring-  Brought-  Brought
Build-  Built-  Built
Burn-  Burned, burnt-  Burned, burnt
Burst-  Brust-  Brust
Buy-  Bought-  Bought
Catch-  Caught-  Caught
Chide-  Chid-  Chid, chidden
Choose-  Chose-  Chosen
Cleave-  Clove-  Cloven,cleft
Cling-  Clung-  Clung
Come-  Came-  Come
Cost-  Cost-  Cost
Creep-  Crept-  Crept
Crow-  Crew,crowed-  Crowed
Cut-  Cut-  Cut
Dig-  Dug-  Dug
Do-  Did-  Done
Draw-  Drew-  Drawn
Dream-  Dreamt, dreamed-  Dreamt, dreamed
Drink-  Drank-  Drunk
Drive-  Drove-  Driven

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