List of Abbreviations-1

1.AA: Anti-Aircraft
2.AAAS: American Association of Advancement of Science
3.AAFI: Amateur Athletics Federation of India
4.AAG: Afro-Asian Games
5.AAI: Airport Authority of India
6.AAOU: Asian Association for Open Universities
7.AAPI: American Association of Physicians of Indian
8.AAPSO: Afro-Asian Peoples Solidarity Organisation
9.ABC: American Broadcasting Company,
             Australian Broadcasting Company
10.ABM: Anti-Ballistic Missiles
11.ABU: Asian Broadcasting Union
12.AC: Ante Christum (Before Christ), Alternating
            Current, Ashok Chakra
13.ACAS: Airborne Collision Avoidance System
14.ACC: Auxiliary Cadet Corps
15.ACD: Asian Co-operation Dialogue
16.ACL: Access Control List
17.ACU: Asian Clearing Union
18.AD: Anno Domini (After Christ)
19.ADB: Asian Development Bank
20.ADBS: Advanced Data Broadcast System

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