Conversation - Talking To a Guest

     (On the arrival of the guest)
Host-Oh!  Here you are! Why all alone? Where is your
         better half?
Guest-At the very moment of departure she changed
          her mind. Next time she will certainly come.
Host-Well, have a seat.Would you take tea or coffee?
Guest-Tea will do.
Host-How was the journey? Was the train crowded?
Guest-Yes it was.But I got my seat reserved. I was
          quite comfortable.
Host-You did well otherwise it would have been
Guest-That is why I got my seat reserved. Well, I
          think, I should  have a bath right now. I am
         dead tired.
Host-Of course.The whole day's journey by train is
         quite  tiring.Take a hot bath.It will refresh
         you immediately.

Next Morning

Host-What do you like to have for breakfast?
Guest-I take tea.Preferably two cups.
Host-Anything else with tea?
Guest-No, nothing.
Host-Please feel at home. No need to be formal.
Guest-I am perfectly at home. Didn't frankly tell
          you  myself that I shall take two cups of tea
          instead of one.
Host-Right.What is your programme now?
Guest-Now I shall take rest. After having lunch I
          shall go out on my business.
Host-Well, take rest and let me go to arrange for
         the lunch.

At lunch

Host-Let's have our meals.
Guest-Thanks, You have taken a lot of trouble for
          me. What a number of dishes you have
Host-Not at all. Rather it is a pleasure for us.
Guest-It is very kind of you to do it for me.
Host-No mention please. Well, when can we except
        you back in the evening?
Guest-At about 7 o'clock. Please don't bother to
          prepare anything special expect Chapati and
Host-As you like.

At night

Host-How did you spend the day? Is your business
Guest-Not yet.I could not see few persons. I expect
          to see them tomorrow.
Host-You like tired. Your bed is ready in that room.
        Enjoy a sound sleep. Good night!
Guest-You are right. Thanks. Good night!

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