The Ways to be Good English Conversationalist

1.Be courteous.
2.Think before you speak.
3.Be flexible.
4.Be cheerful and good-humoured.
5.Be interested in the other fellow.

Act upon these certain points, and you will find that you know the secrets of good conversation.

Do nots-
1.Don't be argumentative.
2.Don't be insincere.
3.Don't be dogmatic.
4.Don't be an egoist.
5.Don't be a mumbler.

Points to note during conversation with someone-

1.Avoid too much slang.Use it only when it lends vigour to your talking.
2.Eliminate superfluous words from your speech.
3.Avoid exaggeration.
4.Stop telling personal experiences awkwardly.

Concentrate on these points , and you will find that your conversation is more effective and impressive

Prove your personality during conversation-

1.Be a good listener.
2.Be friendly but not familiar.
3.Check up your voice and your facial expressions.
4.Avoid any irregularities in your behaviour.
5.Always try to improve your speaking skills.

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